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Hey dude. Just want to say good job and kudos to you for getting and staying sober! It's tough. But you're strong and you can do it! 🙏🙌🙏

Hey dude, thank you very much I really appreciate it!

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Seven weeks clean and sober

Today is week seven. And boy was it a fucking rough one. Last night I was literally cleaning out my closet, and I found a lot of old love notes Sophie had written me(which was hard to read), and eventually i started finding empty airplane bottles of whiskey, my phone wasn’t working so couldn’t call my sponsor. But i think it was symbolic in way, because my drinking was the catalyst to the eventual cataclysm. I started freaking out and I through that shit as far away from me as possible, then cried for a few hours. It gave me a lot of things to reflect on during today, but it was nonetheless an incredibly difficult night. But low and behold I came out on top and very proud of myself. I start step four tomorrow, which is going to be pretty hard. But I think that I will be able to attack it like I have the most of my sobriety so far. Also a few side notes of positivity! I’ve completely finished writing the demo for 1972 Andes flight disaster, I’ve been working hard on finding jobs for when I’m out and things are looking very positive, and I made a new friend today. So that’s all for today’s update. Once again, thank you for reading this if you did.
-Zach aka dogtorture

Last wishes, 1972 Andes flight disaster

I really hope that one day they board up this old fucking room. Where eventually neighborhood kids will have dares to pass my windows at night. Because when the moon is just right, on a night like tonight, you can hear the man that lived there scream in harsh anguish before that loud crack. On those nights like tonight, where .49 grains tore a family to pieces, and they moved away to get away from the pain of losing their son to brutal invisible wounds. On those nights like tonight, where the ghost of Zach haunts this place, because he killed so much of himself when he was living, when he finally died, there really wasn’t much left to bury.

Double standards piss me off. If a woman comments about the size of a dudes dick, it’s seen as a personal attack on that dudes fragile ego, but if a dude says literally anything about a woman’s build, or shape, it’s just business as usual. And I think that’s fucked up, because no one wants to be analyzed and have their worth determined by superficial qualities.

Also side note, I hope sometime in the near future dudes can realize they aren’t doing anyone a fucking favor by telling women you like it better when they don’t wear make up. Like dude, no one said that they put that shit on for you, and it’s stupid fucked up to think you should be able to dictate what another person does based on your opinions of it.

That’s like not liking ketchup, then very passive aggressively getting angry with everyone who eats French fries with ketchup, and talking about how much better you are than them for not liking ketchup.

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Weird but I swear to god i saw you on a plane the other day. Probably not you though, I hardly know what you look like

Well unfortunately, it wasn’t me. However kind stranger, if you lurk my Instagram or tumblr enough you will know what I look like

Also i can’t sleep so can someone entertain me

Pls rspnd

Say what you will about social media

But it’s a great tool to serve as a constant reminder of how much you should hate your formative self.

2010, first tattoo. #blackflag #everythingwentblack

Peep the 18 year old me.