This is a short list of things I’ve done this weekend

Rebuilt my transmission, and rebuilt the top end of my engine, and put in new cams. Worked twenty hours, on the same house doing wiring, go asked to join a car club, and wrote a good bit of a short story. If anyone wants I can post that short story for your reading pleasure. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, I’m finally doing well by being by myself. Or at least so I think. But I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished, and I’m buying a second car for drifting and putting an LS1 into it, and I get my motorcycle next week. Oh ya and I got a Christian death shirt and a death in June shirt.

This scene is why I’m horrified of aliens.

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I thought I looked hunky.

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not as a body

not as a mind

not as a heart, but as a living soul

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This is the last picture I took of us. I miss you so much. I constantly listen to all the voicemails I have saved on my phone, the only ones I ever saved were yours. I read all of the letters you have written too me, sometimes I cry, sometimes I don’t, but I always remember how amazing you are. And I never take off my mordecai ring.

See ya soon amigo!



I love you the most.

Lamenting over distinct changes.
Over the distance I wedged between us
Vigor took over my finger tips, I typed.
Emotions took over and I lost control.

You will probably never read this,
Or even bother to look.
Unless your thoughts drenched by me.

Still I type away, with a blind hope
Oh! that blind hope that some day
Please, Jesus fucking Christ, some day
Her faint voice will again say,
I love you the most.
Ever long, though, I still type away.


"Dixie" Dave Collins, of Weedeater, enjoying some fine Evan Williams.

Some people are so shitty they solidify my views on abortion.

Anonymous Asked:
I am sooo happy for you!! Congratulations!!! 😁😁😁 keep it up! Stay strong! I love you!

I love you too whoever you are