2 months sober

Today is two months sober. Things are weird, I’m in Texas for it because my dad’s heart is starting to take a shit on him so he’s been in and out of the hospital a lot, so I got the chance to come out here and see him and take care of him best I could. It’s been nice. I had a rad flight out here and made friends with a really cool human. I guess I get a 60 day chip at my meeting, which I’m excited about. I got my old dirt bike running again and have been playing with my puppies a lot. It’s nice being out here. But sort if surreal. Can’t help but feeling hollow, and constantly depressed. But such is life right? Either way, I’m glad I’ve been strong thus far. Thank you to everyone who has seen me at my worst and helping me to where I am now.
-Zach (dogtorture)

Personal debate

Become an underwater welder
Go to college and major in philosophy.
Point counterpoint, I need help.

Yeah, the gat bustin neva stops. I got my clips and my glocks a bunch of mothafuckas give me props. Funny style fools dealt with, that’s why I neva Lynch Hung with the crews, low. #youngzach

Casually considering suicide like it’s a second job.

Nah mean?

Artist: Saetia
Track: The Burden Of Reflecting
Album: A Retrospective
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Saetia | The Burden Of Reflecting

Uncertainty haunts my everything
I look into tomorrow and I see nothing…
So tell me how it feels to be me
I’ve lost so much I cannot recall my identity
I would die for yesterday not caring where I need to go
Reshape relationships back into what I used to know
Tomorrow is so far and I no longer want to find a replacement
For all these pictures that are lost in my mind

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I miss my car :/

This makes me really fucking uncomfortable.

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Me and my beautiful niece on the carrousel.