Artist: Jeromes Dream
Track: My Most Recent Left Right Brain Argument
Album: Completed (Disc One)
Plays: 791


Hearing your voice brings me crashing down.
The crusade against my sanity is going well.

The awkward transition of weaning myself off of you.

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I woke up at three to hone my skills of hunting man. And I don’t feel like working today, I feel like surfing. So I’m going to surf instead.

Important things I realized about myself today

1. I’m a hunk.
2. I’m a damn good mechanic.
3. My writing is getting a lot better.
4. And I’m fucking cool as hell.

Positive as fuck evening.

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Let me work on your car.

Anonymous Asked:
It is really hot how manly you are.

I’m glad you think so!

I like working on cars more than almost anything.



I forgot how much I actually adored powerviolence.

I’m going ghost hunting tomorrow and It’s going to fucking rule.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I cleared a whole room for you because your presense should be framed when your visits arrive. They are white and so bright, glowing, I sit staring at my bedroom floor thinking I must be the only fool

I think this maybe my favorite photo.